Making High-end Luxury Iron Beds

What makes HEIRESSY Iron Beds authentic, high-end luxury iron bed furniture?
Most people can identify a fake metal bed from a distance and up close it’s glaringly obvious to anyone, especially after one night of use. Nothing downgrades a bedroom like a cheap metal bed. Here are ten ways HEIRESSY Iron Beds have detailed luxury hand craftsmanship compared to the cheap metal beds offered by nearly every furniture store and website, including designer retail brands. We know customers do not come to us for being the fastest or the cheapest, they want quality. Each bed is made-to-order specifically for you. Our heirloom quality is consistent in modern contemporary 20th c. Americana Iron Platform Bed and the original 20th c. Americana Iron Bed.

20th c. Americana Iron Bed by HEIRESSY Made in USA Wrought Iron Beds

Super Stable Frame with 18 Legs - The side rail metal bed frame has two primary functions, provide stable and quiet support for the mattress and box spring, and support the headboard and footboard upright and sturdy. Most low and mid-price iron beds include one of the cheapest generic frames on the market and completely fail to stabilize the bed with any movement setting the entire bed in motion. At HEIRESSY, we build our own frame in the same factory using heavy gauge steel. The frame brackets are engineered to fit the round shape and diameter of the HEIRESSY Iron Bed posts for a perfectly snug connection. Heavy gauge angle iron side rails are connected with three cross slats, supported on 18 leg-supports with 9 V-shape iron feet. Plus, the four thick iron posts of the headboard and footboard provide rock-solid support, bringing the total number of leg-supports to 22. Rest assured, your box spring will rest on a solid foundation, and the frame is included in the lifetime warranty.

Hand Painted Baked-On Finish - There is a big difference between our baked-on powder-coat finish and the standard spray paint used by nearly all others. HEIRESSY Iron Beds are hand-painted in a multi-step process, then baked in a large oven creating a hardened and durable finish with a beautiful stunning color. This process is so rust resistant it prevents rust outside in the rain. True to our principle of furniture design, the timeless and complex finish color adjusts with light. The HEIRESSY iron finishes are expected to and never be out of style.

Heavy Gauge - HEIRESSY Iron Beds use a thicker gauge and you can instantly feel the added weight and stability of the bed. Interior designers avoid anything resembling the shiny sound of flicking your finger on one of those cheap metal beds used to display mattresses in a mattress store, and the truth is the overwhelming majority of iron beds are now made that way. Even designer retail brands have cut corners on quality.

Cast Iron Feet on Headboard - HEIRESSY Iron Beds include feet castings on the headboard and footboard. You will notice most iron beds now put no casting at all on the feet of iron headboards, and sometimes not even on the footboard. This leaves the headboard looking unfinished and out of balance. Our feet castings are thick and heavy, hand-poured foundry made.

Continuous Headboard Posts - HEIRESSY Iron Headboard and Footboard posts are built with one continuous thick iron post providing super-strong support along with the frame. Low and mid-priced metal beds arrive with leg extensions that need to be assembled in the home. Leg extensions not only have the look of low quality, assemble-at-home furniture, it renders the headboard ornamental only and floated off the floor, unable to provide any support at all leaving the frame to provide 100% of the support. HEIRESSY Iron Headboard and Footboard posts are both functional and beautiful, providing superior stability like no other.

Support from Headboard & Footboard - HEIRESSY iron beds are authentic in that the headboard and footboard legs are designed to provide strong support to the frame, adding far superior stability for the mattress and foundation. Most low and mid-price iron beds have floating headboards and footboards, meaning they are strictly ornamental as the headboard and footboard legs are suspended slightly by the frame and do not actually touch the floor or they would break, leaving 100% of the weight of the foundation and mattress to the minimal frame included. HEIRESSY Iron Beds make full use of the four super-strong post legs on the headboard and footboard combined with the super sturdy frame and nine V-support legs, making the frame immovable.

Real Cast Iron Spindles – The HEIRESSY Iron Bed spindles are fully welded to the cross member with a real hand-poured casting wrapping both pieces. Low and mid-price iron beds simply drill a hole in the crossbar and insert a bare, thin metal tube spindle into the cross member with a fake casting around the spindle only. Cast iron was invented to cover strong, gnarly welds and wrap both pieces of the connection for added superior strength.

Frame Side Rails Painted to Match Iron Headboard and Footboard – The metal bed frame side rails holding the box spring are finished the same color as the headboard and footboard. Low and mid-price iron beds include a generic frame spray-painted a gray or black industrial color that scratches and chips easily. The side rails of the HEIRESSY Iron Bed Frame are hand finished to match the headboard and footboard using the same beautiful baked-on powder-coat finish that not only looks beautiful, but the hardened finish is also very resistant to scratches, peeling, fading or rusting.

Engineered Frame Bracket Connection – Headboard posts come in all shapes and sizes, and we designed and tested the frame brackets for a perfect secure fit to the HEIRESSY Iron Bed Headboard and Footboard. Low and mid-priced iron beds use a low-cost generic frame with minimal support and make little mention of it. When bed frame brackets are not engineered to fit the diameter and shape of the headboard and footboard posts, an issue called racking occurs, where vibrations and wobbles gradually loosen connections and bolts, worsening each time.

Direct-to-Consumer – The traditional furniture supply chain has become bloated with up to a dozen entities taking a cut and adding little value, and this is the biggest reason prices continue to go up with less and less being put into quality material and craftsmanship. At HEIRESSY, we design and own all rights to our products and ship direct to consumers and interior designers.