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Published in 1854, this is an original antique engraving of John B. Wickersham's decorative iron showroom.
Then located at 312 Broadway, New York, antique wrought iron beds and iron furniture are for sale in early American shopping for the home.
Year 1854, Broadway New York Iron Furniture Showroom of John B. Wickersham HEIRESSY

Early American iron furniture shoppers review antique iron beds, wrought iron furniture and ironwork for both exterior and interior design.

It's an honor to share the last name with John B. Wickersham, the most influential decorative iron pioneer and patent holder from the mid-1800's in New York. John B. Wickersham's patented ironwork can still be found in famous historic buildings around the US. It's unclear if or how the two Wickersham iron furniture designers are related.

James L. Wickersham - HEIRESSY Founder CEO & Furniture Designer

James L. Wickersham
Founder & Furniture Designer

After founding a luxury furniture ecommerce company and one of the largest wholesale buyers of iron beds and luxury furniture over the last two decades, I grew frustrated with the supply chain. Prices increased while quality decreased even for high-end manufacturers and many went out of business. Few furniture manufacturers sell to consumers, and typically five to ten entities, often outdated, adding no value are paid royalties, commission, tariffs or markup prices ultimately shorting consumers with lower quality.

We designed the world's finest iron bed and own the molds and rights, exclusively selling direct-to-consumers and interior designers. By streamlining the supply chain, we are able to build a superior iron bed, thicker and heavier with foundry poured castings. Each iron bed is hand-painted in multiple steps and baked-on in a powder coat finish process, achieving an unbelievable timeless finish. Each iron bed is numbered and includes a certificate of authenticity and digitally archived by the company. The company takes great pride in premium service and is highly efficient with technology, headquartered in Sonoma County, California, the North Bay Wine Country in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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