Made in the USA

Exclusively Sold Direct-to-Consumers & Design Trade

Original Owner Antique

Technically, the original owner is rarely still alive when an item officially becomes an antique at 100 years old. HEIRESSY keeps a digital archive of the original owner and allows owners to update the record with heirs, new owners, and optionally, update the historical record with stories and locations such as a historic building, summer vacation cottage, mountain retreat cabin, family farmhouse or upscale bed and breakfast.

Total Cost of Ownership

Like an elegant law of nature, buyers of high-quality furniture with timeless design spend less per year on furniture. Having to replace worn out furniture every few years gets expensive, as much as 10 times more expensive per year of ownership. Furniture built to last is a wise investment toward furniture instead of repeated warehouse, retail and shipping costs. Find the cost per year by dividing the price by 2 to 3 years for discount furniture and 4 to 7 years for mid-price furniture.

Luxury Interior Design

The HEIRESSY Iron Bed has unmistakable luxury designer quality. Allowing window light, wall color and bedding to show through the iron bed's clean, simple lines creates an exceptional interior design balance that blends.

Healthy Sleep

The super sturdy iron bed frame allows everyone more healthy sleep by preventing movement and sound from rolling over or a sleeping partner getting up in the night. Headboards should be cleaned frequently to prevent dust allergies and the spread of germs where you sleep. Our iron headboard and footboard is easy to thoroughly clean and sanitize.

Good for the Environment

The amount of low and mid-priced furniture and packaging going into landfills after only a few years is staggering and the problem is accelerating as online mass merchants flood the market. We estimate the HEIRESSY Iron Bed lowers landfill waste and trucking emissions by 97% over a lifetime. 

Social Impact

We have completely streamlined the supply chain removing up to a dozen entities taking a cut and marking up prices while cutting corners on quality and often adding little value. By making HEIRESSY iron beds with skilled professionals in ironwork, technology, and business we are able to invest in product quality offering an exceptional value for authentic luxury iron beds.